Office Agogo bar

Office Agogo bar

The Office agogo bar is now one of the longest established gogo bars in Soi LK Metro, Pattaya. It opened in 2011, initially one of a group of three bars under the same ownership. The others being the short lived M.A.S.H (now KINK Agogo) and the longer lasting Submarine (now the Cave live music bar). Although not one of the busier gogo bars on the Soi it retains a decent following, especially among local expats.

Opening Hours – 8 pm to 03.00 am

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Address – Soi LK Metro, Pattaya, Thailand 20150
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Website – (currently down)
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Office gogo bar Pattaya

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One thought on “Office Agogo bar

  1. Michael C

    It is a bit tired and struggles to compete with the likes of Queen and Paradise etc but still a favourite especially with expats who have been going for years. One of the advantages of LK Metro over Walking Street is everything is so close together so you could visit every gogo on the Soi very easily if you wanted to. I prefer it these days for that reason plus the fact its easier to move around due to the absence of large Chinese tour groups.

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