LK Metro gogo sponsors

There are five slots available as LK Metro GoGo Sponsors on this website. Three are currently taken so two are currently available. The slots are available to any business in Soi LK Metro although ideally we would prefer at least three to be gogo bars.

Current LK Metro GoGo Sponsors

Pandoras Agogo

Gold Club Agogo

The Devils Den VIP Bus


5000 Baht per annum

Terms and benefits

Sponsorship lasts for 12 months. If the gogo bar is sold the sponsorship will cease although if it continues with the same name the remainder of the term will be honoured.

If a gogo bar changes name but remains under the same ownership the term will be honoured.

The site averages just over 1100 page views per day (taken from last 3 days since new version launched).

Approx 400 of these land on the home page from Google (LK Metro gogo bars search)

Of the remaining 700+ approx – 45% of views are to the current sponsors. The other 55% is shared by all other pages.

We promote and share all pages on Social Media. However we share sponsors pages at a ratio of 5:1 compared to other pages.

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