Kiss Agogo bar

Kiss Agogo bar is, or was, located on the Soi Buakhao leg of Soi LK Metro in Pattaya, Thailand. Almost directly opposite Paradise gogo bar. Although fully refurbished at the end of 2016 it has failed to make much impact and remains (probably) the least busy gogo bar on the Soi. Given the fact they do absolutely zero advertising or marketing and don’t even have a website or Facebook Page it is hardly surprising.

It is actually a decent little bar and with a bit of active promotion could almost certainly become popular as it was several years ago.

Opening Hours – 19.00 until late

We understand Kiss closed its doors, likely for the last time, in June 2017.

Kiss gogo bar Pattaya


Address : Soi LK Metro, Pattaya, Thailand (see map below)
Contact :
Website : none
Facebook : none

Kiss Agogo bar Location map

Center map
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5 thoughts on “Kiss Agogo bar

  1. Pauly

    Looks a lot better but was a lot more fun before. Best girls went to Touch and i doubt will be back. Tough for them to turn it around when the bars round the corner attract the crowds.

  2. Bernie Bolt

    Many issues here. First, location. Its very noticeable that all the gogos on this part of the Soi are much quieter than those at the Diana end. Second, design. Although they redesigned recently it just cant hold a candle to the places that spent millions. Third, owners. They really just dont seem to care. No efforts to market, not even a Facebook page which is a given these days.

  3. Dominique Lutz

    KIss agogo has recently changed and became really attractive since its renovation.Rock music change from the dance music .
    I do love this bar.

  4. Mike

    Now re-opened as Chaos Agogo. Bit daft having two gogo bars with very similar names on the same Soi but hey TiT. Good luck to them

  5. dominique LUTZ

    To the editor :No worry about kiss agogo business until no website and advertising ! I thing better results than some gogo beside. Also you write small bar ? May be you never go inside ? Please to meet you inside when you want and as for the owner. Will please to let you know….

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