Bachelor Club Agogo bar

Bachelor Club Agogo bar

Bachelor Club agogo bar is certainly different. A gogo bar with a gentlemen’s club style feel with an amazing lighting setup, on the floor believe it or not. The concept has not really worked well and we understand the bar is currently for sale. This may have changed as LK metro becomes more attractive to the Asian tourists they originally aimed to attract. It has the same owners as Queen Club on LK Metro and Iron Club in Walking Street, both of which are very succesful.

Opening Hours – 18.30 to 02.30 am

Bachelor Club gogo bar

Contact and media

Address : Soi LK Metro, Pattaya, Thailand.
Contact : 093 005 4269 or via Facebook
Website : none
Facebook :
YouTube : none

Bachelor Club Agogo Location map

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One thought on “Bachelor Club Agogo bar

  1. Eric

    Great design and something really different but dead as the proverbial dodo. Girls with poor attitudes dont lead to repeat customers.

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